China ShanXuan Ltd is a professional denim men’s & women’s jeans production and processing enterprise. Founded in 2003, it has a complete and scientific quality management system, integrating denim clothing development, design, production, and sales.
We are an excellent senior, professional design and development team with many years of rich experience in garment and fabric production management and practical experience;
We have a powerful board room with computerized punching and full precision turning boards, a quality control team with the right responsibility, a full set of advanced production equipment, and skilled workers.
Mainly engaged in men’s and women’s denim jeans wholesale, with its own brand, mature and stable technical staff, high-quality jeans, professional industrial chain, and supply chain, short lead time, with many years of offline operation experience, we can better serve online distributors. Moreover, we support drop shipping, supply, and undertake orders from domestic and foreign customers, jeans OEM & ODM, FOB OEM processing, garment processing, board customized, processing with supplied materials, and contract labor and materials.