Take the simple way to make 100 pairs of men jeans:

Your design/idea as a drawing or a picture of an existing style with description of changes to make

  • Get an estimate within 48 hours of your submission
  • 100 to 400 piece production reserved in our schedule
  • You choose the size breakdowns
  • Will use closest denim fabric from our extensive inventory
  • Any wash, any color, any treatment, just contact us
  • 6 to 10 weeks production delivery with sample after 3 to 4 weeks
  • Allow 3 more weeks if need to develop trim package in parallel
  • Fully refundable within 5 days of receiving estimate


Before ordering this turnkey solution email us with drawings or pictures of the style you want to do or better, give us an existing sample.Describe how you would like your body sculpted, washed, and treated.We will make a sample and send it back to you for your confirmation.Once you approve the sample, we will start production.We can send you samples on request.


Fit note:

Our goal is to achieve the exact match you expect.

A pattern is the best way to match a fit. If you don’t have one there is one included with this order.

If you plan to try one of your existing women or men fit, please come by our Los Angeles warehouse, you can try them on or order a sample with our brand.

If you have an existing sample that you want to work closely with, please send it to us with your instructions on what to change.We can precisely match the existing sample.

Otherwise, a picture, drawing or sketch is enough for us to get started.


Estimate notes:

After submitting your jeans, we will give you our best guess as soon as possible.People send us pictures of the jeans they want to make, and some print them out and do complex processing. We can pretty much make anything in denim. Upon review of your submission, our pre-production department will give an estimated price for the production of a similar pair of jeans. After the sample is made, the price is usually within $3 of the actual quotation.This quote will include quality denim from our stock and we can take it if you want to supply your own fabrics.