Body Measurement

How to Measure your Size Perfectly?

  1. Get a loose measuring tape – it can be cloth or plastic, but tape must be flexible, not carpenter tape.
  2. Use the tape measure carefully at the beginning and keep it firm.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing when measuring – such as tights, cycling shorts, leggings, jeggings.
  4. Measure your body accurately– do not make any additions or deductions to your body measurement when specifying here. Based on the fit selected (comfort, skinny, bootcut, etc) designer will make proper changes to the measurement to give the perfect fit.
  5. If you need to provide any specification about measurement (for example you want your actual jeans bottom, or thighs or hips to be of a particular size only) provide it in additional instruction column.
  6. It will save you time if you write down the measurements on a piece of paper and then fill them out.This is important because if the details you typed into the site are lost, you can still write them down on paper.
  7. Anyone ( your friends or family members)  can help you take your body measurement.
  8. Do not provide any measurement according to label sizes.

We will check all your measurements once you place the order and confirm if they are in proportion before making your jeans. We will contact you if we need to reconfirm the measurements, so, no worries, all the details will be confirmed before production.

Waist Measurement

Measure the circumference at the place where you really want to wear your jeans. Your waistline will be the entire circumference of the rest area of your jeans. So if you want a low, mid or high waist jeans you will measure the low, mid or high waist circumference rather than your natural waist.
While measuring, position the tape very close to the body without tightening.
Wear a rope or belt around the place where you want your jeans to rest, in this way, it will help you to measure your length and crotch. Besides, you can use a marker to highlight your waist line where you want to rest your jeans.















Crotch Measurement

Measure your waistband from the back (and also measure your waistline), down to the front of your belt, basically from the top of the waistline and the tape measure between your legs, and bring it to the waistline.Please refer to the waist line provided above to calculate the crotch.















Length Measurement

First take the waist line taken for measuring your waist (above calculation) as the base. Measure the side of your leg from the waistline. Keep the tape parallel to your leg and let it flow free to the floor. This will be the outer length of your jeans.You can measure it barefoot or in shoes, depending on your preference.
















Hip Measurement

Stand in front of the mirror with your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your seat by positioning the tape measure close to the body rather than tightening.















Thigh Measurement

Measure circumference of your thigh line at the widest point of the thigh, just below the hips.















Knee Measurement

Measure the circumference of your knee line at the widest point of the knee by placing the tape measure close to the body without tightening.















Calf Measurement

Measure circumference of your calf line at the widest point of the calf, holding the tape measure close to the body without tightening.















Ankle Measurement

Measure the circumference of your ankle line place the tape measure near your body, don’t tighten it.