Triple Denim Jeans For Men

Guys, because this is a denim blog, I didn’t leave you out! I can’t find many photos of men in triple denim online, unfortunately, but I’ve decided to create my own look for you guys. This one is actually very similar to my own outfit at the top of this post, with the same rules for keeping the denim completely different from one another.
I would wear those wholesale jeans with cuffs at the ankles because I have paired them with the boat shoes (no socks, or wear hidden ones) which helps keep it light and simple. Then I would wear a medium blue denim shirt and tie the light blue shirt around my waist. I finished it off quite easily with a simple pair of Ray-Ban aviators and a leather bracelet. So that’s the way guys look stylish and stylish in three layers of denim during the day. Of course, you can customize it to suit your own style, but just remember the rule to keep the shades completely different if one being tied. Denim Jeans
Now, this is the smart thing to wear on the jeans, which means you can wear them to certain fashion events or something similar. I select a pair of black skinny jeans as the base because black jeans are the smartest of them all. Then, I chose a dark blue denim shirt as again, the darker the shade, the more put together it feels.
This would stand alone with the driving shoes and Daniel Wellington watch to achieve the double denim look, but I overlaid a vest to pull it together and make it sophisticated, however, another reason I did this is that it hides the main bulk of the denim shirt so you only have hints. This is really useful when you overlay a similar washed denim jacket over it to complete your triple denim outfit. I would try and choose one with minimal distortion and fading, but I love the color and style of this one, so that’s why I chose it. If you want to be a little more quirky, you can also cuff up your jeans from China because from an editorial standpoint, shorter leggings are hot right now and I think they look great too.