Reduce risk when make custom jeans

Why many jeans wholesalers are afraid of making custom jeans orders? Today you will know how to reduce risk when making custom jeans.  custom jeans
It is easy to make custom jeans in the factory.
Firstly, you should make research on jeans designs. We need to know if the jeans style is fashionable in your market or not. Secondly, ask the jeans factory that you worked with to make a sample for you. And you will see if the jeans sample coming as you wish. If so, you can start to make a trial order to test your market. If the jeans sell well then you can make repeat orders.
Here are some tips for making custom jeans
1 You can select any material and change any designs. In other words, you can control the price.
2 You can request to put your brand logo on the wholesale jeans from China and accessories If you have a brand.
3 Maybe sometimes you have difficulties in finding some good jeans styles to sell. Your next choice is to make custom jeans.
I’m sure you know what to do by now, but if you don’t, before we watch the video, I want to ask my guest a few questions.
“Well, I’ve been busy with my 40-year-old of jeanswear and fashion archive, and it’s fun to make, but there’s a lot to dig through!” Then I have been busy with my music, recording harmonica accompaniment. And my band, Cafe Django. I’m still working on my book, Rock Graphic Original. This is a good time to calm down and get ready for the next takeoff! Whenever that comes!”
Because of interviewed for the award-winning documentary film River Blue. Do you think the fashion industry is in the right direction to move?
“Well, it’s great that the denim industry is very concerned about the environment right now. Hope the real deal has a better direction, not the cheapest. But in the end, it’s the consumer who calls the shots. I see continued respect and demand for an authentic music product, just as some of the great bands of the past are enjoying an unprecedented comeback!”
How to wear light color jeans?
Well, springs until it gets properly cold again, pale, lived-in jeans should be your go-to from the moment spring. This is because as well as being literally cooler (dark colors, sun, heat absorption, etc.) they are also having a bit of a moment, because they sit at the nexus of all kinds of fashion trends, from LA surf to dressing like your dad.
It helps that the new breed is more sun-bleached than bleach-bleached, therefore, it won’t make you look like a forgotten member of White Snake. At least, they won’t if you stick to wear light wash jeans these ways.
Light wash jeans act like a magic wand that turns anything ‘smart’ into something weekend-ready. Beneath pale denim, a pair of chunky Derbies, or even Oxfords, feels far less formal. The kind of code-switching tension that’s the hallmark of all the best outfits right now was created by the contrast between worn-in jeans and shiny leather
It also works above the belt. An overcoat with chinos is what you wear to meet your in-laws. An overcoat with light wash jeans is what you wear for nights that could end up anywhere.
Denim is almost always neutral, especially light-washed jeans wholesale. They work expertly with bright accents because the lighter tone means a less jarring contrast – if you stick safety orange next to deep indigo, it explodes into a headache.
It’s up to you to choose how bright the colors are but washed-out yellows and greens nod to the natural world and mean you’ve got consistent tones above and below the belt, which brings the whole look together. If you do like neon, then the more you show, the tougher it is to pull off. An orange jumper with light wash jeans is a strong streetwear look, but if you need to dial it down, just add a neutral jacket. Sometimes, less is more.