Customize Your Jeans at The Denim Lounge

Have you found a pair of jeans you love, but wish you could just alter them? I think we’ve all had those moments when we’re shopping for a pair of blue jeans. Whether it’s the length of the jeans, adding different style tweaks, or something else – wouldn’t it be nice to have the selection to customize any pair of jeans? That’s what we think too, and that’s exactly why we offer this service to all of The Denim Lounge’s customers! Yes, you read that right.
Meet Kimberly! She is an incredibly talented lady who works in our boutique and is the individual behind denim customization. We are honored to have her as part of our team to provide this service! The best part? Hmmm… Except for customizing your denim. There is no charge to add customization to your jeans when you purchase them from our Chicago store (must be purchased at full price!) It’s great, isn’t it?
All that’s left to do now is choose how to customize your best wholesale jeans! Some ideas include: 
This is probably one of the more obvious ways to customize your jeans. Shortening jeans when they’re too long is something we encourage all of our customers to do. This small adjustment will ensure that your jeans fit the way you want them to.
beyond the typical hem shortening of jeans, you can think outside the box here. Looking for a long pair of jeans you want to turn into a cropped length? Or even shorts? Just do it! The great thing about adjusting the length of your jeans is that you can really do whatever you want, or even change the entire look of your jeans!
We don’t need to tell you that distressed jeans are a huge trend. While we have plenty of jeans to choose from that already have distressed elements added, sometimes when you find the perfect pair of jeans, they may not have those attributes. No need to worry now! Kimberly can add different distressing elements to your jeans. Think adding rips, holes, or abrasions ANYWHERE you want to your denim jeans. Even adding a trim to the hem of your jeans is a fun way to customize them. Adding fringe to the hem, or twisted cuffs – that’s just off the top of our heads. The options for this kind of customization are pretty endless. You can ask for distressing that’s minimal or dramatic. The great thing about making it customized is that it can be made exactly how you want it.
Thanks to Kimberly, you have the selection to really think outside the box when it comes to customizing your denim. If you have a denim piece that you want to transform into something different, bring it in and see what she can help you to create.