Winter jeans looking and feeling great, but how?

While jeans are synonymous with hard work and ruggedness, they’re not the best for keeping you warm. However, they are still a staple in almost everyone’s closet during the colder months and everywhere. If you want to look good in jeans this winter while feeling comfortable, you must make some adjustments. Thankfully, there are adjustments you can make that will allow you to enhance your style while avoiding freezing to death. 
We’re not saying you should wear a pair of baggy jeans. However, you should know that air has an insulating effect, so it’s good to have a little room. Another benefit of choosing a looser cut is that it will allow you to add warm clothing underneath. It could be a lifesaver for those who suffer from severe winter rashes.
Another thing you’ll want to do is consider choosing thicker denim than you usually would. While you may not like the look, this will be essential if you want to survive intense colds and winds. If you want something that looks good, try checking out small independent retailers that use raw denim. A good thick pair of cheap jeans will better protect you from moisture, as denim and cotton generally are not known for being the most waterproof material.
You can also take it up a notch and go for jeans explicitly made for winter. Many jeans are lined with a facecloth or some insulation. These will give you the extra protection you need to deal with restless nights but won’t offer much protection from the wind. Therefore, you may still need to add another layer on the inside, preferably a waterproof or moisture-wicking material that will keep out the gusts of wind.
Your coat will also make a big difference in how your blue jeans look. The good news is that jeans and winter clothing are like a match made in heaven.
If you want something that keeps you warm, jeans will look great with a parka. If the weather is less harsh where you are, or if you want something that looks stylish and classic, then a long down jacket or cape coat might be a good choice. And, when it comes to these, no one does it better than Burberry.
It would help if you also considered adding a lightweight, packable down jacket to your collection. These are best for the not-so-cold days. They also have the added benefit of allowing you to show off your jeans since they are not as long. You can also go for something more colorful here. Skip the classics and check out sun-washed oranges and meridian blues.
When it comes to color, many people will tend to go for darker shades in the winter. Instead, you need to contrast the darkness of the season with lighter and brighter colors. 90’s washed styles are very effective in winter, so don’t be afraid to explore them. Even beige jeans aren’t off-limits if you can pull them off.
We all know how destructive washing machines can be to jeans, so many of us have decided to wash them as little as possible. Some people even prefer keeping their jeans in the fridge instead of going through a cycle.
But you can’t cut corners in the winter. These wholesale jeans can get wet and dirty, so you need more extensive maintenance. That means giving them a friendly internal cleaning from time to time. It’s always better to have a slightly deflated pair of jeans than a smelly one.
Winter can be a challenging time for fashion, but if you follow these tips, you’ll look your best. Jeans look great all year round – the key is to take the proper precautions to stay warm, no matter the weather.