How to Style Double Denim for Women

Denim on Denim – or mixing and matching different denim sections in one outfit (also known as “double denim”) – is a fashion trend that continues to come back season after season. For laid-back weekends and casual occasions, we like it as a stylish option to look stylish. You can even wear a pair of denim fashions for more dressy occasions – a trend that started as road fashion on blogs and has now made its way into the daily wardrobes of many women. However, wearing jeans from head to toe takes practice – and there are a few tricks that, if ignored, can leave you looking dated or just straying off the spectrum. Here’s our go-to fashion guide (and outfit ideas) on how to wear a pair of wholesale denim jeans that will make her personality stand out in a crowd. 
Blend Your Denim Washes
Denim on denim can look great when mixing the colors of fabrics. Try combining denim separates into very different denim washes, like the mix of a vintage-inspired, light blue jacket and inky black skinny jeans in the picture, to create a more modern street style fashion vibe. When wearing double denim, keep in mind that darker washes create a slimming effect on most figure-flattering garments, while lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body area they cover. Therefore, if you are curvy from the waist down, you will find that combining a light denim top with dark wash jeans (or other wholesale jeans) is the most flattering combination.
Wear a Jean Skirt With a Denim Jacket
For a weekend with lots of opportunities, from baseball games to concerts and parties, layer a cropped denim jacket over your favorite denim skirt for a nice casual look. You can wear a mini-skirt denim bomber jacket. Or try rocking a classic denim jeans with a distressed skirt, a denim pencil skirt for a more classic look, or choose a long denim skirt for a bohemian chic look. Whatever skirt length you choose, with this casual outfit keep the top simple, if at any stage you unbutton the jacket. Try a slouchy colored t-shirt or tank top. Complete your look with a few pairs of comfortable flats or ankle boots and a simple accessory or two, such as a nice hat, bangle bracelet, or stud earrings.