Top 10 Brands of Jeans Wholesale in the World

Recent clothing trends are changing rapidly, with new styles, colors, and products being introduced to the market by companies every day. Gone are the days when clothes were considered a necessity for survival, nowadays they are seen as an expression of style, a status symbol, and such. 

Jeans are one and only kind of clothing that has been never out of fashion irrespective of the changing trends, it was accepted by everyone and is still keeping to be one of the favorites. Everyone loves wearing jeans, no matter what age they are. Over time, some brands have evolved so that they tap into the largest customer base in this rat race and now they lead the market at the top.

Here are some of the best brands of jeans in the world 2020 who have made wise and timely decisions to keep up with the ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences and make a special place in the hearts of their customers.

1. Gucci
Gucci has been leading the market from the very beginning and setting new trends for the rest of the company. It was founded in 1921 as an Italian luxury goods company that retailed fashion as well as leather goods. In the jeans sector itself, there are over 50 designs to choose from. The company also sells over clothing pieces such as shirts, belts, etc. Gucci clothing is regarded as a status symbol.

Jeans have always been a necessary part of our lives and are worn by many people. The above-mentioned companies have changed a lot in the past years to cope with the changing trends and tastes of the consumers and revise the prices again and again due to fierce competition. As consumers, we have received many new options and varieties of clothing to choose from. The best quality and prices are guaranteed by them

2. Levi’s
As a legendary brand, it is also the first company to invent the “jeans” from canvas tents. Levi Strauss is the name that will be remembered as he introduced fashion into the present. Every jeans company has to thank the man who made jeans an everyday style for people all over the world.

Purchased my first ever Levi’s 501 original cropped…completely blown away! They fit amazing, and fit great! I was worried reading reviews of the heavy fabric being too stiff and harder to break in. However, the fit is perfect so it’s super comfortable and hugs you in the right places, and is not at all uncomfortable when bending or sitting. Highly recommend and the quality is superb!


3. Lee Jeans
Lee is another subsidiary of the famous VC Corporation which also owns Wrangler. The first pair of jeans produced by Lee was in 1889 and has changed a lot since then. The fabric now feels much softer and gives a luxurious feel at an affordable price. The company has found the secret to making the most stylish and trendy jeans while maintaining the same class. Lee also produces comfortable work-wear.

This brand has always suited me better than others, but for the past few years, I have struggled to find them. I have always been a little bigger and rounder in the hip/butt area and they never gapped in the back like other brands did on me! Out of all the brands, I love them the most everywhere!

4. Wrangler Jeans
Found in 1947 in the United States of America Wrangler has already been able to make an unforgettable impression on the public. The company has gained an edge over its competitors by the manufacturing of non–bulky jeans and clothing which is liked by the public. Additionally, the classic ‘W’ initial on the back pocket of the jeans has turned out to be a class symbol.

It really is a good brand. After using wrangler you will feel that it is the best product. It is really awesome, I love it and want to keep using it as my favorite brand I have ever had in my life …… I would recommend everyone to try it at least once, you will see how valuable it is for everyone.

5. Diesel Jeans
Diesel is one of the most loved jeans companies today. It has been making tough-looking solid jeans while keeping them super comfortable and durable. Their brand mark at the back of their product is what can be seen almost everywhere now. The company has put in a lot of handworks and improved stitching methods to get to where they are today.

Easily the wonderful jeans on the market. The cut, fit, and material are a great investment. You can also get laid more in Diesel jeans, which is something that most if not all female creatures love!

5 Calvin Klein
The company is a subsidiary part of the famous PVH company. Their denim designs are among the most innovative and fashionable and are loved by all members of the public, regardless of age. The company’s denim designs are one of the most innovative and fashionable and are loved by the public of all ages. In jeans, there is a choice of every color to make sure you get a perfect match for your pair.

6. Pepe Jeans London
The company was founded in 1973 in Spain but has now moved to London. They manufacture one of the most stylish yet comfortable jeans with no sacrifice on quality. Great products at affordable prices are what makes them a favorite among the masses. Apart from jeans, the company is also involved in denim shirts and footwear.

7. True Religion
True religion has gained a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time because its jeans are super stylish, durable, and affordable. The jeans are handmade in The United States and are sold at company-owned outlets only throughout the globe. They manufacture very stylish rich looking jeans from the nest cloth with a comfortable fit. The major market for jeans is the youngsters. Slim fit, straight, etc. are the options to choose from. Totally 110% value!

8. Tommy Hilfiger
There is no brand that can compare to the quality and style of Tommy. In fact, the name is good enough to make the best list. When you wear them, your vibe is automatically trimmed.
This is by far the best pair of jeans I have ever worn. Because of its very good fit and style, I feel it is very comfortable than other brands.

9. Guess
The brand started out as a watch, perfume, and jewelry manufacturer and retailer but soon entered the clothing and accessories market too. It is well known for its quality luxury jeans for men and women along with wallets, handbags, and many other things. Guess is one of the most expensive brands which targets the men’s clothing sector.

10. American Eagle
American Eagle jeans are perfect for me! I’ve tried many other brands but none look or feel as good as American Eagle has. My favorite is their dark skinny jeans they’ve been washed dozens of times and they still look great! Once you put them on, you can’t look back. My favorite is their dark skinny jeans they’ve been washed dozens of times and they still look great! Once you put them on, you can’t look back.  top jeans

Jeans have always been an inevitable part of our lives, worn by most people. The aforementioned companies have changed a lot over the last few years to respond to changing trends and consumer tastes and to modify prices again and again due to fierce competition. As consumers, we have received many new options and varieties of clothing to choose from. The best quality and prices are guaranteed by them.