Tips of taking care of your yoga jeans

Yoga Jeans are always designed and manufactured with quality in mind regarding jeans. We want to help you keep your wholesale jeans looking as good as new and avoid throwing them away as much as possible #sustainable! 
Were you confused about the different wash symbols you see on clothing labels? Let us help you care for your YOGA JEANS with our tips and tricks. Taking care of your clothes and following the washing instructions is the key to helping you keep your favorite jeans for a lifetime.
However, we have gathered some valuable tips on taking care of your yoga jeans to make them last longer and be environmentally responsible.
1. Wash them less often
Only wash your jeans when they are filthy. With constant washing, the fabric tends to get worn out.
2. Wash colder
Washing at 40 instead of 60 degrees can save 30% of energy. In the case of stains, adding extra stain remover is even better than raising the temperature.
3. Follow the laundry symbols
If you want to know how to best care for your clothes, look at the laundry instructions on the garment care label. These symbols will tell you exactly how to wash and dry the clothes in question. It will also make your cheap jeans last as long as possible.
4. Turn inside out
Washing your jeans inside out will keep them from fading and maintain their quality. Also, washing them inside out will prevent other clothes from constantly rubbing and bumping along the outside while they are being washed. Be sure to check your pockets before washing.
5. Use vinegar
Dropping white vinegar into your jeans during the first wash will help prevent premature fading and keep your blue jeans looking new after many years. Especially if the jeans are dark and unknown and still exude color, vinegar helps to adhere the dye to the denim.
6. Hang drying
There is nothing worse than a tumble dryer for jeans. Jeans can shrink dramatically and use unnecessary energy. If you hang your jeans outside, you can do this from the inside out to prevent fading. Hang up your jeans as soon as possible after washing them.
7. Handle dented jeans with care
If your black jeans have dents and dings, such as holes and abrasions, you may want to wash them on a delicate cycle to prevent the cavities from getting bigger and bigger.