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Welcome to 2020! I’ll be starting this year with a “Jeans To-Do List” to take stock of the styles you already have in your closet and find new ones to complement your figure. 
First, take a closer look at the jeans in your closet. Do you wear them all? If you’re like me, you probably don’t wear them, but keep them for various reasons, like they cost $$$ so much I can’t throw them out yet! They’re a little tight for me right now, but if I lose a few pounds, I can wear them again, and eventually, if I keep them long enough, they’ll come back in style!
They sound familiar, I’m sure. Start the year afresh and don’t hang on to clothing that doesn’t make you feel good especially wholesale jeans from China. You’ve heard the saying, “Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure,” so offer up the clothes you take off to your closest friend or family member. My 13-year-old loves it when I pass on my old Levis to him.
Want to make some money? We all need more closet space, and if that means more cash in our wallets, then it’s a win-win situation for all of us.
There are so many websites now that for a small listing fee, you will have many potential buyers bidding on your treasures. Some sites offer your earnings to go to a charity of your selection, or to be kept as a credit to spend at a later time.
Cleaning out your closet can be stressful, but you are not alone, I am also cleaning out my denim closet too because I have a lot of jeans wholesale and I am not happy when I wear them.
This is a two-part post and I will then look at which jeans fit each different body type – curvy – tall – apple – petite – plus size. I will give you a template to shop with because I hope by then you’ll have cleaned out your closets of all those ill-fitting jeans! I hope you found the right jeans for you in this article.