Find your perfect jeans!

Discover the denim style you want to have in your closet this season! Jeans are a classic and cool choice, but also a stylish closet essential to express your personal style. Accentuate your feminine silhouette with our skinny jeans, go for an offbeat look with our relaxed fit blue jeans, go for a classic silhouette with our straight-leg jeans, or opt for retro vibes with our flared jeans. Do you prefer stylish high-rise jeans, or do you need a sexy pair of low-rise jeans? Read below to learn more about our denim cuts and choose your all-time favorite! 
Loose-fitting denim jeans are a cool off-duty option. Characterized by a nonchalant fit, a dropped crotch, and wide, straight or tapered legs. These jeans are dignified and feminine at the same time, and they are loose at the hips. Wear these jeans with folded cuffs for a cool look. You can opt for cool borrowed boyfriend jeans or choose girlfriend jeans for a feminine interpretation. Do you have an Apple or O-line silhouette with wide hips or shorter legs? Then stay away from loose-fitting jeans – they won’t fit your figure.
A favorite of many fashionistas: skinny jeans. These form-fitting jeans are modern and have a second-skin fit. Opt for a stretchy, tight-fitting style that will flatter your figure. The slim legs of skinny wholesale jeans accentuate your hips and buttocks – showing off your feminine silhouette.
Straight-leg jeans feature a straight, slim-fitting leg and are a classic closet style. These best jeans fit most body types – with the exception of the figure 8/hourglass shape – and can be worn with heels and flats. Straight-leg jeans are an especially good choice for H-line silhouettes. Choose a darker wash for a timeless look, or shop a love-worn style for a modern look. Pair them with folded cuffs for an uncluttered feel.
Every woman has her own favorite pattern. Do you choose a close-fitting, chic, high style, a sexy, low-rise fit, or a regular, medium style? Choose the one you like best!
Create a form-fitting, stylish silhouette with high-rise jeans. These jeans show your feminine curves and flatten your tummy and love handles. These jeans wholesale will also elongate your legs. High-rise jeans are great for pairing with tucked-in tops and shirts to show off your feminine waist. Do you have an A-line silhouette? Invest in high-rise jeans. Are you a V-shaped person? Avoid wearing high-rise designs. High-rise designs are characterized by a crotch height starting at 25 cm.