Washing Raw Denim Jeans

In this article, we document the process of a pair of raw denim jeans wholesale being worn continuously for a year and then being washed. If you don’t know what raw denim is, you’re not alone, many guys don’t … We wrote an article about it.” What is raw denim? 
Raw denim is a sub-community of the denim community. The raw denim community has one big difference: how they wash their jeans.
Reality check: raw denim is worn for a year without washing, initially soaking in water for 30 minutes.
Let’s top-line raw denim:
Raw denim jeans are made with unwashed denim. Raw denim jeans are not widely popular because they are uncomfortable compared to washed jeans. Guys who buy raw jeans want to break in their jeans from scratch. Raw denim jeans need to get dirty (we explain below).
The purpose of raw denim jeans
The purpose of buying raw jeans is to break them in yourself to achieve real, true color fading.
You can achieve fading with washed jeans, but raw jeans give you a blank canvas to work with.
Pro Original Raw after one year of daily wear. The inner photo shows how the jeans look new.
Tip: If fading is the goal, raw wear is the best place to start.
Change your denim washing habits to make your jeans original!
The stiffness of raw denim comes from the starchy substance applied in the denim mill. This stiffness helps create sharp folds in the raw denim when you sit or move. These wrinkles are where fading occurs. When you wash your jeans, the starch-like substance is washed away, the denim softens, and the folds become less sharp.
On those sharp folds, fading occurs due to wear and tear from everyday wear. The blue yarn on top is worn away, allowing the bottom white yarns to show through. Each time a jean is washed, it loses a little color and the contrast between the darker (non-faded areas) and the white (faded areas) is reduced.
Tip: To get a good fading effect, you should not let your jeans lose color through washing.
Raw Denim Washing Mistakes
There are many myths about washing raw wholesale jeans …… Putting dirty raw jeans in the fridge to kill bacteria (that smells awful) has been debunked. There’s also …… Rub sand on your jeans and then swim in the ocean in your jeans. These myths add to the lore of raw jeans and they are interesting.