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This is the summertime of denim skirts! If you haven’t gotten one yet, let me show you the many styles available. 
The denim skirt is known as the most versatile item in the denim family. It is a piece that you will never regret having because it is truly season-less.
This denim skirt is for you If you like an irregular style. Cleverly stitched together with either a misplaced fly or an uneven hem detail. Keep tops to a minimum for more impact!
Button-through skirts wholesale are easily all the rage, and come in all lengths from mini, midi to pencil skirts for a more figure-hugging look. Here are the diverse options, so everyone can find a style that suits them.
The original denim mini skirt is a real staple in our wardrobe. You can wear it with leggings and boots in the winter, or bare legs in sandals with the same skirt in the summer. Just like the original Levis 501, the denim mini skirt has been reworked by many designers. I’ve added a good selection below for your viewing pleasure, and this one here is the icing on the cake!
Now, this style is a throwback to the 80’s and I remember my good friend Louise had one of these dresses that looked fabulous at 15! The style below is from Good American, which is inclusive of sizes 00-24 and fits all curves. This zipper skirt is also available in a long version for those that have already waved goodbye to miniskirts.
A long skirt is the longest of jeans and tends to fall around the ankle or longer depending on your height. It can have different looks, a full bohemian style that swishes when you walk, or a narrow denim skirt that gives the illusion of height!
A midi jeans is a skirt that sits 2 inches below the knee to above the ankle. It has become a popular choice lately because it is more versatile compared to is younger sister the mini skirt.