Why blue jeans have always been popular?

People have been wearing blue jeans for over 100 years. While they didn’t become an integral part of the fashion world until the 50’s and 60’s, they have been a staple in all closets ever since. While we’ve seen other clothing items start to become popular but quickly disappear, blue jeans remain the most popular. What makes blue jeans stand out? Here are a few reasons why blue jeans will always be in style.
One reason why blue jeans are still popular is that wholesale jeans have adapted to the times. While blue jeans have always been worn, the styles of popular blue jeans have evolved and changed over the decades. This basic garment easily adapts to current culture and tastes from flared to high-waisted pants to skinny blue jeans. They also come in a variety of shades and washes to match your favorite top or shoes. For example, a pair of skinny light blue jeans will pair perfectly with your favorite black boots, or a loose top can complete your high-waisted flared jeans. 
Unlike other outfits, blue jeans can be paired with countless outfits for any occasion. The versatility makes blue jeans part of a formal, stylish look or just an everyday understated look.
In blue jeans, you can do almost anything. Unlike dresses, skirts, gowns, or clothes that are too loose or too tight, blue jeans can be warned at countless events. This is because they have a simple design that allows flexibility and comfort and includes practical parts like pockets, zippers, and belt loops.
Part of what makes blue jeans practical is their durability. Blue jeans can withstand countless wears and washes and are thick enough to hold up through active and heavy workloads. Blue jeans are a great pair of pants that can be worn often and still last a long time.