Wearing Distressed jeans in different ways this summer

Jeans are certainly comfortable, but unless you want to leave a trail of sweat or look slouchy in your wake, you need to update your closet for any summer occasion. Just like you wouldn’t wear board shorts in the winter, you should switch from cool-season jeans to dimpled light blue jeans this summer. Summertime is all about finding ways to stay cool, comfortable, and stylish. One key way to do this is by updating your wardrobe with distressed denim. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can wear distressed denim in unique and stylish ways this summer.  20240415 jeans wholesale
The idea of wearing skinny blue jeans in the summer may sound tortured, and you may expect to have to peel your jeans off at the end of a hot day. However, if you switch to a lighter fabric, you can save sweat. Most jeans have a fabric weight of about 14 ounces, which is good for the fall and winter but not summer. You’ll feel breezy and look thinner in some lighter, dimpled jeans.
Not only do dimpled jeans have the key to summer style – effortless coolness; but they are also more practical. Distressed jeans come in the form of patches, holes, and rips, all of which will keep you comfortable and on-trend when the temperature gets out of hand. And what could be better than feeling comfortable and looking stylish at the same time? 
While shorts and other more formal pants have been on trend for the past few seasons, summer brings back the dented look of the 1980s and 1990s. Pair your jeans with other 80’s/90’s style tops and shoes for a complete outfit that feels as cool as it looks.
Light blue jeans are great for summer because they absorb less heat while still pairing perfectly with a cool cotton tee in summer whites or pastels. There’s a reason bright colors are part of summer style, which is why you’ll want to wear lots of charcoal or black in the winter when warmth is at a premium. Swap out your formal dark jeans with light blue or white jeans this summer.