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You asked: What black jeans can a curvy girl wear? We listened and wanted to make it a simple template for you to cut out to use while you go jeans shopping.
There isn’t just one type of curve size, and if that were the case, wholesale jeans would be too easy to shop for! Oh no, there are four types of curved size jeans brands and retailers make jeans for them. I’m going to take each type of curve size and tell you which styles of jeans you can wear.

If you want a list of brands and retailers that fit your curvy body, when you’re ready, head over to this article!

Skinny jeans can be made in all sizes for curves, including plus sizes. You just need to make sure that you always go for a high rise to give your figure more coverage. Not sure how high your rise should be? Read this. Additionally, ensure that the fabric has a mix of stretch and recovery in the form of Polyester and Elastane.

Flared jeans again need to have a high rise which will elongate the look of the legs. The flare is a great equalizer with curves on the hips and a larger bottom that can look really feminine and showcase a curve plus si.

Wide Leg Crop is a brilliant style because it hides the shape of the thigh and leg, showing just a hint of the ankle. It’s also a great style to wear with your favorite heels or ankle boots.

The balloon leg is a new style that you will see more of through this season. It has a fuller exaggerated shape to the leg and is close to the ankle. It’s kind of like boyfriend blue jeans and perfect for hiding legs!

Boot Cut jeans are definitely having a revival, and this classic is really flattering on curvy body shapes. Why, because they conform to the shape of your body’s curves and have a snug little flare at the calf (originally for boots to fit under). The high rise will give the illusion of longer legs if you can! Measure your natural rise here and let this be your guide to how high to go.

The Skinny Flare is a hybrid variety that starts as a pair of skinny jeans and then opens up again just above the knee to balance those curves. There are wholesale jeans from China with a more exaggerated flare like this one needs a natural height and curve to wear well. It totally depends on how extreme you want to go.
The Vintage Skinny is a great everyday jeans for all curvy figures. The rise is mid to high, and the trick is to make sure the leg is long enough for your height, and the top of the skinny jeans can be worn up to a 38″ leg.