Denim Blazer for a Chic look

Custom Jeans

A denim blazer combined with a new white shirt feels polished and is a chic daytime outfit. You can wear this simple outfit if you want to look polished for weekend shopping and other outings, or even when you go out on a date.
Paired with cute earrings, great shoes, and a structured leather bag, it’s also great for those with denim-friendly days at the workplace and for those looking for a casual Friday at the office.
Denim suit for a Formal Occasion
Your new fashion style will surprise your colleagues when you wear a denim blazer and jeans to the office instead of a pantsuit. A structured, longer denim blazer worn over slim, ankle-length jeans in a similar color will look chic and stylish at the same moment. Use a few important accessories to dress it up for the office, including a quality bag, high heeled shoes, and sensitive jewelry.
Distressed jeans have been so much criticized throughout their history that some people have named their humor sites after them. Distressed jeans are unflattering and never taken seriously – except for the fact that I used to wear them in heavy rotation in high school in the 80s, as did most of my teenage friends. Since fashion is always repeating itself, that means it will happen again.
And guess what? It happened again. Our high-school outfit is pretty much the same as the one above if you take a picture of the year printed on the model’s t-shirt, right down to the yoke belt and Adidas skateboard.
High-rise pleated jeans are currently a sought-after item by top denim designers such as Mother, Agolde, Goldsign, Ulla Johnson, and more.
If by the time you’re reading this you’re vowing never to wear pleated jeans in a million years, I invite you to remember back to the re-emergence of other trends throughout history. Or if you are too young, use my example as a lesson.
I used to say that I would never wear flared pants or wide-legged jeans again, and I didn’t care how popular they became. I distinctly remember saying those words as I sat in my middle school science classroom with my girlfriends around an editorial in Seventeen magazine about flared pants.” No one could make me wear them.” I declared.
Meanwhile, flares and Custom Jeans have been a staple in my closet for the past twenty years.
Pause for a moment, what are your thoughts on pleated jeans, or any pleated pants for that matter? From experience, I would go with “never say never.”